Dr. Ing. Armando V. Tauro, Ph.D.

Graduado en Ingeniería industrial con Laurea Magistrale e Dottorato di Ricerca en el Politécnico di Milano (Italia), Ph.D. in Operation Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. Consultor, Conferencista y Capacitador Internacional en Calidad, Gestión de Operaciones y Procesos, Innovación + Desarrollo Organizacional, Supply Chain Mangement y Lean Manufacturing, Gestión del Medio Ambiente; Profesor y Director de Postgrado en prestigiosas Universidades de Latinoamérica y Norteamérica así como en Europa.

Robotics is a word in the public domain

Armando Vicente TauroEl doctor Armando Vicente Tauro, participó como expositor en dos importantes congresos internacionales sobre minería. Los eventos se realizaron hace unos días en nuestra capital, con la intervención de conferencistas extranjeros de reconocida trayectoria profesional.
El congreso denominado "Mejores prácticas en minería inteligente", que organizó la fundación internacional Marcus Evans Conferences, una de las compañías líderes a nivel mundial en información para negocios, reunió a expertos en el tema y representantes de diferentes empresas mineras de Perú y Chile.
En este evento el doctor Tauro disertó sobre Inteligencia artificial, una rama de la computación que comprende el estudio y creación de sistemas computarizados que manifiestan cierta forma de inteligencia. También habló sobre la Aplicación de la Robótica en la minería de extracción, una visión con futuro, que nos informa en qué nivel se encuentra el Perú en cuanto al uso de tecnología minera.
Asimismo, el doctor Tauro expuso en el VI Congreso Internacional de Metalurgia de Transformación: Mecanismos y herramientas metalúrgicas, organizado por el Consejo Departamental Lima del Colegio de Ingenieros del Perú, donde habló sobre Lean manufacturing supply managment quality, una filosofía que permite controlar el desperdicio en la productividad y aumentar la eficiencia de las capacidades productivas, disminuir los costos y elevar las utilidades de las empresas.

Most People have an notion of what the robot knows its applications and potential at your fingertips. However, They do not know the origin of the word robot, or His activities in science. The purpose of this project is to Develop the following hypothesis: this Affects the robotics industry and home. My goal is to Demonstrate and make a brief introduction to the world of robotics and showing how society and the environment are affected by it.

Well, I clarified the above let's start with our theme; robotics as we know it today, has its origins thousands of years ago. We will rely on facts recorded by history, and start explaining that once the robots are called automata, robotics and was not recognized as a science, indeed, the word robot came long after the origin of avt1automata. The robot itself is a mechanical device that can perform certain movements under the action of a motor. It is programmed to move, manipulate objects and perform various jobs.

Since the beginning of time, man has wanted to create artificial life. It has endeavored to give life to mechanical beings accompany him in his place, who make their repetitive tasks, trabajospesados or difficult for a human being. "Some authors consider the first robot in history was Adam created by God. Adam and Eve were the first intelligent robots created, and it was God who programmed them and gave them the first instructions to be followed. "In Greek mythology can find several stories about the creation of artificial life, for example.

Prometheus created the first man and the first woman character with mud and fire of heaven. Humanity has been obsessed with creating artificial life from the beginning of time and there have been many attempts to do so.


The first robots created in the history of mankind had but one purpose: to entertain their owners. The inventors were concerned only to grant the desire to entertain who asked them to build the robot. However, those inventors began to realize that robots could mimic humans or living creatures move. The movements could be mechanically performed, and thus, could automate some of the simplest tasks that time. The origin of the development of robotics is based on the effort to automate most operations in a factory; this goes back to the seventeenth avt2century in the textile industry, which is controlled looms with punch cards were designed. Today, increasingly, are techniques to produce faster and Implemented With lower costs.

There is a wide variety of systems, makes and models of robots on the market. The most common and practical given its versatility, speed and accuracy are anthropomorphic arms, commonly called manipulators. As for the control and management of a robotic cell, not of a complexity, is KUKA Roboter, manufacturer of industrial robots German company, has a scheduling system for their robots through Windows 98, which allows a practical language and simple, this makes anyone who knows computing, in a very short period of practice, you can program and manipulate a robot. As for the use of a robotic cell it can be integrated into any production process that requires speed, accuracy and continuity, for example; handling parts or products of all kinds and forms - moving boxes, bags, armed groups, trays etc. - Fixed machined work piece or tool sets, MIG, TIG, resistance, injection - cleaning processes of materials - paint spry immersion - placement of adhesive pastes, ceramics, sealants - grinding and polishing materials - assembly of components - loaders or feeders machines - plate movements or fragile products, dangerous - plasma cutting, water jet, laser, etc.

The control unit of the KUKA robot, has a number of digital and analog inputs, allowing devices to work in coordination with Tables or automatic positioning of parts, as well as pneumatic and electric tools mounted on the sixth axis of the robot. Besides being necessary control electronics supports seventh and eighth axis to perform synchronized movements with the other axes of the robot. As for the mounting robot, these can be fixed to the ground, or pallet, or to a wall hanging.

Robotics is in charge of difficult jobs and decreasing the number of tasks performed by workers, is present in our homes, in movies where appear destroying equipment, cry, get excited. I think that robots will be able to perform all the duties of man, but man will have to control and repair.

avt3Currently, robots are used to facilitate tasks or to research, there are many robots designed to purify the air, for solar power and also to fly or to detect and avoid obstacles with lasers.

Artificial Intelligence

Currently, robots are used to facilitate tasks or to research, there are many robots designed to purify the air, for solar power and also to fly or to detect and avoid obstacles with lasers.

Artificial intelligence has applications in robotics when it is required That a robot "think" and make a decision Between two or more options, it is then primarily two sciences share something in common. It is also used in computers such as PC's network servers or network terminals, since its main objective is to develop computer programs that solve problems involving the interaction between man and machine, that is, machines "learn" from the men to better do their job.

Impact of robots in industry

Robots that are responsible for making products generate a higher finish quality and lower cost. However, they can also cause loss of unskilled jobs in industrial production lines. Though create jobs in the sectors of software and development of sensors, the installation and maintenance of robots, the conversion of old factories and the design of new plants, these new jobs requires higher levels of skills and training. The technology-oriented companies must face the step of forming workers able to adapt their skills so they can have a job in automated industries of the century.

Today, companies around the world are changing the mentality of the workers, from an assistant in a factory tooling working pressure to avoid mistakes, this is what is proposed "Total Quality" or ISO 9001, which are two indispensable to export to many countries such as the United States respects.

A paradigm is a model of thinking, a pattern, a framework for interpreting certain aspects of society. sectors of society Installs in society, or, in individuals and becomes ruler of thought, establishing frameworks and actions exerted by the person at work or at home. Some famous.avt4

Paradigms in the past were "the earth is the center of the universe", "the earth is flat." For many years this was the interpretation of astronomical and geographical reality of the time.

And so it was until it appeared contrariaras thought whose evidence could not sustain arguments against the reality of the facts.

Any change is resisted because it breaks ways of thinking. It's slow, painful and difficult, because it requires leaving something that worked. Fears Appear to the new and unknown.

The constant evolution and implementation of advanced Mechanisms in companies Have to face the way of the dissolution of the paradigm. This happens in companies That have the same workers since inception ITS paradigms and Have That seek to alter the consultants. This activity is called "Total Quality" and its purpose is that the worker has an open mind towards new technology.

avt5In 1995 some 700,000 robots working THROUGHOUT the Industrialized world. Some 500,000 were used in Japan, over 120,000 in Western Europe and 60,000 in the United States. In research laboratories robots perform tasks with highly hazardous materials, Such as blood or urine samples. Automakers Audi, BMW, installed in Germany and General Motors in the United States, are three of the MOST number of robots used in the world. The American company use About 16,000 robots, the advantage is That They can perform high precision operations for 24 hours, however, the human being Loses performance over time. That some of the tasks are spot welding, machine loading, parts transfer and assembly.


Finally Say That We Could robotics is beginning to relate to us from our own home or even from sci-fi movies That We both intrigued and surprised by the science used. The latest technology is applied in space research but With Which We have less contact.Robots are mainly related to two areas of interaction: one is the environment, there are used, mostly to avoid contamination and use solar energy. The company is modified from this progress, but the problem is that the mentality of people is difficult to change, then people who cannot move forward with this new technology is delayed and for example has a pointless to go to look for work. This causes great disadvantages when deciding to accept professional.

As you can see, the robot can be used in almost any activity that humans exercise, and can be very useful. We realize that robotics is becoming part of our daily lives and it began some of the activities currently performed every day.

There is a sentence which reads: "In this world the strongest wins." I would change this and say, "In this world wins more prepared you are to receive and adapt new technologies."